Truro Fabrics

“As one of Britain’s biggest independent fabric retailers, Truro Fabrics has been a staple store in Cornwall’s craft community for 35 years. Having started originally as a market stall, the store in Truro city centre now has three departments dedicated to dressmaking, fabrics, interiors, yarns and haberdashery. From textile craft supplies and high-end wedding fabrics to wallpapers, curtains and soft furnishings, this is truly a place of creativity and ‘made to last’ inspiration.

The fashion industry has become one of the largest global polluters since ‘fast fashion’ developed in the last few decades. Everything that Truro Fabric promotes and encourages goes against this. A ‘me made’ wardrobe, whether that has been sewn or knitted, is the exact opposite of fast fashion and the throwaway attitude it has birthed. Handmade clothes are to be looked after, cherished and more often than not, passed on. We are passionate about making change within the local community and beyond.

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